My Powerful Choices was created to facilitate positive personal growth through the power of choice. Personal coaching, radio shows, classes and programs are designed to create opportunities that support personal awareness and the power of living in the NOW. Through the discovery of BEING and being present, peace, joy and the ultimate freedom are realized.

Larkin L. Sell

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    This area can be fully edited and gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, your website or company, your products or services.
    We work closely with our clients to engender complete trust. We will listen to your vision and do everything in our power to create it exactly as you see it.

 Larkin Lynee Sell                                                                                                                                                                                           
     Life & Spiritual Consultant,  Law of Attraction Coach & Facilitator, Psychic-medium, Intuitive, Paranormal, Intuitive Astrology, Channel, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Show Host, Author. 

Larkins" Mission:

     Larkins' mission is to create awareness and facilitate others in awakening to awareness and discovering how to utilize the Law of Attraction. She is passionate about  empowering people to transform and create themselves and their lives from struggle and suffering to joy,  peace, love and  fulfillment! 
Larkin inspired and encourages individuals in awakening from the  ego dream of thought and becoming aware of the power of their choices, realize their potential and define their goals. By providing recognizable opportunities for conscious awareness she guides clients in creating strong, healthy, happy and long lasting relationships in all areas of life, learn how to truly communicate in all aspects of their life and realizing the power of their choices.  She is passionate about empowering people to create meaningful changes and  transformation in their lives and present circumstances. She believes in encouraging people to grow in their self-awareness and power of choice.
     Communication and  Relationship Coaching is more than just a job for Larkin. After struggling with communication and relationships, decades of studying and seeking answers both in and outside the classroom she began to realize for herself  emotionally, all the things she had learned intellectually but did not know how to apply. People always came to her for guidance and advice, ever since childhood.  After years of frustration, struggle and  self-induced pain, due to her own choices and awareness or lack their of , it became clear that she had been a Life Coach since childhood. 
    Life is a journey and no ones' is the same. Guiding others in discovering their own truths, realizing their potential and learning the power of their choices in creating their dreams and life they envisions is Larkins' passion.  She has a gift for seeing the best in people and their potential. Her own path has revealed how the journey is more than worth it. She knows there is light at the tunnel and possibilities are endless. Having taken herself on many journeys of  self-evolution, she believes in her clients and their own potential and power to make the changes necessary and reach their hearts dreams.
    It is her natural tendency encourage a transformational change withing herself and others. As a coach she encourages a conscious way of living. She offers clients alternative and proactive  and alternative approaches to affective communication,  love and relationships. Her personal experience allows her to understand the pain, frustration, hopelessness and confusion of others struggling to improve relationships, find love, achieve personal goals and overcome challenges. Having walked a long, lonely path, she can relate to clients from a client perspective. ln the end, it is worth everything we go through to find it.
     Larkin is neutral and Universal in her approach.  She is a life-long student both in and outside the classroom and as the child of two teachers, has a natural affinity for teaching. She has been teaching in one form or another for over 20 years. She has participated as both student and instructor in  programs. Her education and experience gives her a loving and layered insight into the challenges my clients face, and it allows me to successfully coach clients from a variety of religious, spiritual and cultural backgrounds.
Larkin earned her BA in communications from Xavier University. She is a Certified as a Relationship and Life Coach and  a  Positive Attitudes Instructor and Law of Attraction Coach/Facilitator,  Public Speaker and author.  She is also an Intuitive, Medium and Em-path since childhood.  These gifts give her greater insight, perspective and understanding into the down to earth circumstances of her clients.  A business owner and life coach for over 8 years. Larkin has been helping couples, friends, families, co-workers and individuals overcome challenges, build bridges of communication and understanding, discover the power of their choices and manifest their dreams.  Her  own life experiences, challenges and heartbreak allow her to relate to clients and their struggles.

     She is currently writing several books and guide books. They are written to be used both with MPC radio programs, classes/workshops an individually, separate from MPC classes and coaching. The first book and guidebooks will be published 2016

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